Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Kenyan science fiction short film Pumzi is now available for purchase!!

The Kenyan science fiction short film Pumzi is now avaialble for puchase!! It is featured with three other brilliant African shorts from Focus Film's Africa First Program. Buy it here.

Pumzi was directed by Wanuri Kahiu (who will direct Who Fears Death: The Movie, the film version of my novel Who Fears Death). I asked Wanuri how she came to write Pumzi. She said that she was not a big reader of science fiction and that the STORY led her to science fiction. Pumzi is fabulous, and it is a new type of science fiction, grown completely from African soil. I hope to see more like it, on the screen and in print.

When you sit down to watch Pumzi, make sure you have a nice tall glass of water beside you. You will want to drink it. :-)

Aman Iman ( means "water is Life" in Tamashek).

The trailer for African First: Volume One, which includes Pumzi:


Em said...

I'm so excited to watch these! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for the Who Fears Death movie!!!

julie said...

Holy Moly, I just watched this short film and it was beautiful and amazing.... Thank you so much for sharing it.